Critical illness protection campaign

  • Campaign purpose

    Protection is the cornerstone of financial planning and offering your clients peace of mind that they are protected is the foundation to trusted advice.

    We are committed to helping customers protect themselves and their families from the impact of illnesses such as cancer, heart attack and stroke, and provide financial security in the face of a crisis. We are pleased to support you with this key aspect of financial planning via the launch of our protection campaign: ‘What if you could protect it all?’ The importance of critical illness protection.

    The campaign aims to help you raise awareness of the importance of critical illness, ensure clients are asking the right questions to determine how much cover they need, illustrate workable solutions and handle any objectives around the misperceptions of the high cost of cover.

  • Campaign insight

    Our recent research has shown that 76% of families in the UAE are unprotected against loss of regular income. (Income Protection in the UAE - Zurich International Life, 2016)

    Zurich’s recent insights also found that UAE residents are willing to spend more on protection (6% of their income) compared to the global average (5%) against the financial impact of critical illness. Furthermore, one in five individuals in the UAE is willing to pay 10% for the same.

  • Tools for you to use

    This campaign is holistic, fully integrated and provides you with multiple tools to assist you in educating and engaging with your customers.

      To help you get the message across to your clients we will provide you with an array of tools:


    • A press release, published locally.

    • The opportunity to host bespoke sales-led distributor events.

    • A new critical illness online calculator that assists clients and advisers to calculate cover, indicative premium costs and relates this as a percentage to income.

    • A bespoke landing page for the calculator to generate specific leads for your business.

    • Electronic Direct Mails (eDMs) and calculator, which can be dual branded.

    • Client seminar support.

    • A comprehensive sales aid.

    • Tips of the day – bi-weekly emails.

    • Posters for your office.

    • A sales presentation.

    • Customer special offers on protection products.

    • Bespoke customer data to help you target and cross-sell to existing customers (who currently do not own a protection policy).

    Please contact your Zurich Account Manager for further details and assistance.

  • Client brochure

    A customer-facing brochure that presents some key insights on income protection, addresses the need for critical illness cover, and highlights the hidden costs of a critical illness. It also helps clients understand their true cover requirement, while shedding light on the costs of cover, and links them to the digital campaign.