Digital retirement campaign

retirement campaign poster
  • Campaign purpose

    55% of retirees in the UAE are financially unprepared for life after work*. 

    It can often be a surprise to people when they realise they cannot realistically retire at the age they wanted to. This campaign was created to help your clients understand how much they might need to save now and in the future to help them retire at the age they choose. 

    *(Source: HSBC Future of Retirement ‘’Life after Work’’ report 2015)

  • Campaign components

    The campaign consists of an email (that looks like the image above), a landing page (click here to see what this looks like) and a banner advert for your website (optional). Each of the campaign components can be dual-branded if required.

  • How it works

    Zurich provides you with an email that you send out to your prospective clients or your current clients that do not yet have a retirement savings plan in place. When the recipient clicks the ‘’calculate here’’ button in the email they will be taken to a landing page where they can calculate how much they need to save to achieve their retirement goals.

     After the initial calculation is shown, slider bars allow your clients to move their retirement age and/or their savings amount so they can see how these differentiators affect their potential age of retirement.

     After the calculation is done the client completes the contact form and a lead is generated. The digital code embedded into the email we provided you with tells us which financial adviser sent it out and therefore who we forward the lead on to. It’s that easy!

  • Saving for education campaign: client brochure

    If you are a licensed broker holding terms of business with Zurich in the UAE, Bahrain or Qatar you can use this campaign.

    Simply contact us at and we liaise direct with your marketing or IT contact to get this campaign set up for you.  

Broker testimonial

"Zurich’s online campaigns have helped turn prospects into clients by creating an awareness of different saving and protection needs.'' Rod Allderidge, Nexus Bahrain.