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Positioning Zurich claims statistics

Peace of mind when it matters the most

As the only life insurance provider in the Middle East to publish yearly claims statistics specific to the region, you can rest assured that we will deliver on our promise to be there for you when it matters the most, giving you our support, and making sure that all valid claims are paid quickly and easily.

94% life cover and 91% critical illness cover claims paid

In monetary terms 94% of life insurance cover paid out equates to USD 34 million and 91% of critical illness cover paid out equates to USD 33 million. 
That means Zurich paid out almost an equal amount for critical illness claims as we did in life claims. And yet most clients will take out just 50% of the value of their life cover as their critical illness cover amount. 

Ensure your clients are properly covered for critical illness – use our claims statistics leaflet to explain the benefits of higher critical illness cover to your clients.

Mother and daughter

Why don't some claims get paid?

The main reason we were not able to pay some claims for both life and critical illness cover was due to serious non-disclosure of a previous or existing condition. Examples of serious non-disclosure are where clients have failed to tell us about their history of: heart attacks; cancers; diabetes, etc.

This means we did not receive correct or complete information during the application process and highlights why it is so important to provide information that is true, accurate and complete.

Other reasons for non-payment
: Life cover: Fraudulent claim Critical illness cover: Condition diagnosed within the three-month waiting period.