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Saving for education campaign

Saving for education

This campaign offers you a number of tools that are designed to provide guidance on the true cost of a quality education, highlight the importance of a long-term disciplined approach to saving and help clients choose the right type of solution to meet this need.

  • Campaign purpose

    Zurich’s saving for education campaign has been designed to help you raise awareness of the costs of education, increase your savings and investment business by addressing a very crucial aspect of every customer's financial planning, the future of their children. 

    This is particularly relevant now as it comes at a time when education is top of mind for parents, as their children return to school.
  • Campaign insight

    Education comes first

    The Value of Education Report released by HSBC highlights some startling facts:

    • 64% of parents would be willing to get into debt to fund their child’s university or college education 

    • 41% of parents think that funding their child’s education is more important than contributing to their own retirement savings

    • 22% of parents say that their child’s education is the financial commitment they would be least likely to sacrifice, if they had to cut back on their financial outgoings.

    The sooner parents start saving, the better, no matter how small the installments. By planning early, they won't have to compromise on other financial goals, or the quality of their child's education
  • Tools for you to use

    The campaign offerings

    It includes several elements that help you better understand and sell this key aspect of financial planning, such as:

    • An insightful brochure that presents you with current realities of how parents are funding their child's education, helps you assess holistic education costs and considerations, highlights popular professions for UAE students and related courses, and provides parents with guidance on how to put the right plan in place. We have also included testimonials from your peers and customers.
    • A heart-warming video of children in the UAE sharing their aspirations for the future. 
    • A presentation that you can use when you meet your clients.
    • A lead generating digital campaign inclusive of eDMs, online calculator and a landing page.
    • Dedicated sections on the Adviser Suite and customer website to promote this pertinent topic.
    • Client seminars and focused sessions in your offices. 
    • Tip of the week .
    • Visual aids for your offices (available upon request)


    To receive these assets please contact your Zurich Account Manager

  • Client brochure

    The attached brochure is a purpose made client facing asset for you to use. It expertly creates an awareness of the need to save for education by:

    • Highlighting that a quality education is an investment that provides a legacy for their child’s personal development and growth.

    • Giving you a comprehensive overviews of the holistic costs of education, inclusive of pre-university and university fees

    • Reassuring parents that the sooner they start saving, the better, no matter how small the instalments. By planning early, they won't have to compromise on other financial goals, or the quality of their child's education